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Reinventing The
Internet Experience


No Hidden


We don't trick you with gimmicks. We can promise the same rate without hidden fees or surprise bills. Pay your bill on time and you will NOT see a price increase.

Rocket Fast


Geek Advisor offers up to 1GB Internet in select markets. NO DATA CAPS. 

Superior Local

Customer Service

We live and work right NEXT door to you. Our employee's live here, and your money stays right in OUR community.

Residential &

Business Class

 Geek Advisor serves you at home or at your office GEEKY style. We offer business level service with our residential accounts and fast customer service response.

Get it all with Geek Advisor. Check out these great benefits:

Does Your Business Offer Free Wi-Fi?

Generate Leads With Our

Social Powered Wi-Fi Solution!

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Pick The Perfect Internet Speed

 Geek Advisor has a wide choice of speeds up to 1 Gig in select markets to fit every budget and every digital lifestyle.



“Fast Internet. Great customer service. They don't act like any internet service provider I have had to deal with. They just get it."

Rene Jordan


These following rates are ONLY available in our immediate service area where we provide Fixed Wireless Internet. We currently offer service is in the 85334 area ONLY. All other states and areas please click here for service availability. A representative will contact you with an appropriate quote for service to your area.